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Clean, Sterilize and Shine.
By using ultraviolet lights we destroy microorganisms
that are inside your shoes.


Shoe Cleaning

Not only do we clean, but we also sterilize your shoes
and keep your feet healthy and hygienic.
By bio-deodorizing your shoes
we reduce the possibility of athlete’s foot, toenail fungus,
and chronic shoe odor.
before & after

Before & After

Full cleaning of each shoe inside and out
which consists of inside sole cleaning,
deodorizing, sanitizing, and shining.

America’s premier shoe cleaning and repair company

Visit our main store for our services

Spa4shoes at 23 Route 5,  Edgewater;  store is now closed.  To arrange a delivery or pickup, please text us at 201-957-3204 with name and phone number on file.  We will check through the  database. Then we will notify you shortly after to arrange a delivery or pickup if you still  have your stuff with Spa4shoes.